Ancient History

Scholars have debated for centuries over which race originally inhabited the Isle of Talingarde before the migration of humanity, but no conclusion can be made due to the limited records and knowledge available. True recorded history only occurred with the appearance of the dwarven people.

Perhaps the oldest, and certainly the most powerful, was frost giant kingdom of Ymir, a powerful culture of frost giants ruled by titan-like jotunblood nobles of incredible might. Ymir was a series of city states spread out across the icy northern reaches, each ruled by a jarl and swearing fealty to a single monarch. They worshiped various demon lords as well as elemental powers of ice and snow.

The goblinoid race also seems to have existed at this time. It is theorized that the goblinoid people served as slaves to the frost giants, but it is impossible to be sure. What does appear certain is that the goblinoids were the first to settle the more pleasant lands to the south.

Nothing is known of the enigmatic ice elves of the north, although they do seem to have a mysterious connection to the fey creatures of the island.

Roughly 1800 years ago, the dwarven people finally arrived from tunnels deep underground. Driving various other races to the surface before them (including ogres and orcs), the dwarfs constructed cities, fortresses and architectural wonders on the surface that still exists today. Indeed, the original fortress in Matharyn and the bridge in Balentyne were both dwarven constructions.

Though the dwarves dominated the Isle for centuries, harassing and scattering the goblinoids at every turn, their holdings were disunited, making them vulnerable to inevitable arrival of humanity. Still, the dwarven strongholds united in times of war and they quickly came to blows with the mighty Frost Giant kingdom. After several centuries of warfare it became apparent that the dwarves could not fully succeed in destroying the kingdom of Ymir, although the damage done triggered the slow decline of the giants’ empire.

Ancient History

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