House Barca

House Barca was the ruling family of Talingarde until eighty years ago when House Darius overthrew them in a famous battle (see The Rise of House Darius). Although King Jaraad was slain in the battle, his younger brother Count Leothyn survived and bent the knee to the new king. Most nobles of House Barca did the same, and were permitted to retain their wealth and position.

Only the city of Ghastenhall is ruled by members of the Barca clan, although Farholde and Daveryn are both homes to prominent members of the family.

While in power, the Barcan royal family approved various policies that are now illegal. Prostitution was practiced and accepted, and blood sports occurred semi-regularly (though only between condemned criminals and for formal duels). Slavery, however, has always been illegal and reviled in Talingarde.

Until their defeat, House Barca also supported a pantheon of gods, although they themselves worshiped Asmodeus in particular. House Darius refused to allow this to continue, promoting Mitra as the only deity worthy of worship. When House Darius took the crown they brought this mandate with them, outlawing the church of Asmodeus and several other faiths (although following certain other faiths is technically still legal).

Elven bloodlines run strong in House Barca and most of its members are half-elven or at least show some influence of their elven lineage.

House Barca

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